20 bad money tips
Reading time: 6 minutes

Not only the well-known Grigory Oster was able to give bad advice. True, they are mostly intended for children. For adults, too, a lot of “good” advice is stored up, many of which promise a quick wealth and a luxurious life.

There are really a lot of such tips on the net, and finding them will not be difficult. However, in fact, only a small part of them is really useful: some are no longer relevant, but most are simply harmful!

The true usefulness of such tips is not obvious. The housewife exclaims: “How is it, the credit card is so useful, it’s so convenient with it!”, Not paying attention to the fact that the spouse has to look for a side job so that after paying the loan there is money for food. Our experts have developed 20 such councils, which are guaranteed not to become a wealthy and successful person. Enjoy =)

Council number 1. A credit card is a man’s best friend
A plastic credit card is a very fragile thing. And losing her is easy. But nobody has invented anything better than cash. Therefore, the credit card is only suitable for withdrawing cash. It is desirable to immediately the entire amount. As soon as get a loan – without delay cash all the money.

Council number 2. Microcredit is good and convenient.
The loan itself is beautiful and useful. At the same time, the more accessible it is, the better. Microcredit came up with brilliant people: some 10-15 minutes, and a decent amount in your pocket! Well, it’s definitely not worth paying attention to the three-digit interest rate.

Council number 3. Mortgage is not a problem
It makes no sense to pay the mortgage if you are already settled in the apartment. Well, because in fact, the same bankers will not drive you out of your own home. Yes, and you can always agree with them. But the money saved just does not interfere.

Council number 4. Friends need to use
Rights old saying about a hundred friends. After all, each of them can take on a small amount, but in the end will come out very impressive figure. But to give a busy you can not rush, or even forget. True friends will not demand the return of petty debt.

Council number 5. Tote – our all
Oh sport – you are life! Very fair expression. They can not only be engaged, but you can also earn money on it! Be sure to use the tote – the more you bet, the more often you win.

Council number 6. Play casino often
In vain gambling was banned. It’s such a simple chance to win a decent amount. You just need to correctly calculate the combination, and the trick is in the hat. So feel free to look at online casinos online, and on to the money!

Council number 7. Humor will save the world
Without a good joke in the world can not live. A great excuse to have fun – get a copy of your friend’s passport and get a loan for it. And all is well! And you are with money, and a friend will laugh for a long time and remember a good joke.

Council number 8. Use the Internet more often
In our digital age, it’s stupid to waste time visiting credit organizations. After all, everything is much simpler – I found loans online on the Internet, left a request, and that was all. Five minutes and money in your pocket. And for reliability, you can immediately take shape on several sites.

Council number 9. Do not worry about collectors
As soon as we receive and receive a loan, we throw the SIM card out of the phone. And that’s all. Now for sure no one will ever find you, and you can safely enjoy life.

Council number 10. A good pont is more expensive than money
Respectable and successful person must see everything. No one should have doubts that he is simply indecently rich. Therefore, buy the most expensive cars, decorations and waste money at every opportunity. Let the plebeians get jealous.

Council number 11. Relatives can also be used
Your shirt is closer to the body. Like your money. Therefore, it is better to use someone else’s. For example, relatives’ credit cards. But just so that they do not know about it – then don’t need to return the money spent.

Council number 12. Random happiness
Anyone in their right mind when finding a smartphone first of all is obliged to check the presence of a mobile bank. And then everything is simple – we transfer money to ourselves, and the phone can be thrown out (or presented to a friend).

Council number 13. Random happiness 2
Everyone knows that newcomers should always and everywhere carry. Therefore, to hell with all trading schools, trading rules and all sorts of clever terms and rules. Open an account and buy cryptocurrency packs!

And if in fact, then do not even think about starting trading without learning – you will merge everything in less than an hour =) Fortunately, we have many choices: in any market, for any level. Choose here.

Council number 14. Businessman from god
Working for an uncle is the lot of wimps and fools. Your business is what will allow you to turn around and feel like a person. And there already sit in the chair, drive workers and only manage to count the profit. Therefore, we urgently take a loan, find an ad, and acquire a ready-made business. Who knows that it is not profitable, which is the reason for the sale. Just people do not know how to work! And you can all.

If all the same, decide to learn a little to start, then come to our cool biznes